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Milltown Primary School, Banbridge, Co. Down

Why Choose Milltown Primary?

Pupils and parents were surveyed in October 2022 to provide feedback about life in Milltown.

Pupil feedback:

  • "Friends are like a big family"
  • "Different activities every day"
  • "I like the teachers"
  • "I love the nature around the school"
  • "Mixed classes"
  • "School trips"
  • "Green spaces"
  • "Computers"
  • "Swimming"
  • "Cycling"
  • "The castle"
  • "The trim trail"
  • "The colour run"

Parental feedback:

  • "I love that Milltown is a small country school with a personal feel to it."
  • "All staff are approachable."
  • "A great community school where all the kids get on with each other and learn off one another."
  • "Small school setting allows and encourages whole school engagement."
  • "The closeness of the pupil-staff relationships, also staff having more one-to-one dealings with parents, presents a more ‘at ease’ atmosphere."
  • "Milltown is a brilliant school. It’s close knit and the kids get the attention they need."
  • "It has great educational help for all pupils."
  • "Development of after school clubs is a fantastic addition."
  • "Teacher/student ratios."
  • "The caring environment."
  • "All teachers are easy to talk to and it’s a very welcoming school."
  • "The inclusiveness."
  • "Availability of various music lessons."
  • "The small school presents a more friendly setting overall, and makes parents feel that their child is not ‘lost’."
  • "It's great to see them (my children) interacting with all the different year groups. They are very fond of their teachers, all of which seem very encouraging."