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Milltown Primary School, Banbridge, Co. Down

Primary 4 & 5 visit The Ulster Museum in Belfast

26th Mar 2024

We had a fantastic day at the Ulster Museum. When we arrived we had break and then learned about furry woodland animals. We were able to touch a hedgehog, badger, red squirrel, an owl and much more. 

We visited the Ancient Egyptian mummy called Takabuti and learned a little about her. Some of us liked looking at her mummified body but others were not so sure! She had a mummified cat in her tomb. 

After lunch, we did a bit of exploring in the museum and then did our Ancient Egypt workshop. We were allowed to touch an actual Ancient Egyptian canopic jar lid. It was over 2000 years old. We were also able to touch the linen bandages used in the mummification process which were 2500 years old. We tried out a pillow from the era but all agreed we would rather have our pillows today. 

We are so proud of Primary 4 & 5 for listening well,  behaving appropriately and importantly trying new things and overcoming challenges today. Great work everyone.