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Tuesday (N)

Numeracy Activities to be completed on Tuesday 15th September 2020
Red Group

W.A.L.T – Find the perimeter and area of composite shapes. The perimeter is the distance around a shape.

Complete the sheet and find the perimeter of each shape. Remember that not all sides are labelled.  Click here


Find the area of shapes 1-3. Show your working out , laying your work out correctly.


I have included the answers for the “Ultimate Times Tables Missing Number Challenge”. Hopefully you got on well. If you need to improve, now is the time to start practising!  Click here

Blue Group

W.A.L.T – Recall multiplication facts quickly

Complete the sheet of times tables. Keep practising!  Click here

Green Group

W.A.L.T. –

Know multiples of 3

Remember the three times tables  

Count out loud in 3s to 36. Begin 3, 6, 9….


Write down all the numbers you said out loud. These are the multiples of 3 and the answers to the three times tables.


Worksheet – look at each wheel and write out the missing multiplication. Read from the centre of the wheel each time.  Click here

Begin like this:

Wheel 1   3×8=24

Numeracy Activities to be completed on Tuesday 8th September 2020
Red Group

W.A.L.T.- Revise prime, square and cube numbers.

 Investigate and recognise triangular numbers

In class we have been learning about prime numbers.

  • What is a prime number? (Write the definition on a page)
  • Write all the prime numbers up to 50.

Square numbers:

  • Write all the square numbers up to 100

Cube numbers:

  • Cube the following numbers:







Triangular numbers:

  • Look at the triangular numbers worksheet and complete it on a page.  Click here
Blue Group

W.A.L.T. – Understand place value to thousands, hundreds, tens and units

 Use knowledge of addition to find the missing numbers

In class we have been looking at 4 digit numbers.

  • Practise place value by completing the worksheet. (Write your answers on a page.) Click here
  • We have been adding hundreds, tens and units. Can you work out the missing numbers? Think carefully about what is happening when the digit in the answer is smaller than the digits in the addition sum. (Copy the additions onto a page and fill in the missing numbers). Click here
Green Group

W.A.L.T. – Know order of numbers to 1000

 Know the 2, 5 and 10 times tables

In class we have been looking at 3 digit numbers.

  • Write the numbers from the worksheet in the correct order starting with the smallest. (Write answers on a page) Click here
  • Practise saying aloud the 2, 5 and 10 times tables