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Thursday (N)

Numeracy for Thursday 17th September
Red group


  • revise changing 24hr time to 12 hr time and answering questions using a train timetable.

Complete Page 45, click here

Blue group


  • find factors of numbers and check if a number is a factor of another number.
    • What are factors? – Numbers which will divide equally into another number without leaving

      a remainder.

    • What are the factors of 12?

    • Hint: think of the multiplication facts – factors usually go in twos e.g. 2×6=12 so 2 is factor of

      12 and 6 is a factor of 12.

    • Remember, include the number itself and 1, so 1 and 12 are factors of 12.

    • What other multiplication facts are there for 12? 3×4=12, so 3 and 4 are factors of 12

      Complete finding Factors worksheet, click here


Green Group


  • Remember the four times tables
  • Use the four times tables to work out division facts

Count out loud in 4s to 48. Begin 4, 8, 12 ….

Write down all the numbers you said out loud. These are the multiples of 4 and the answers to the four times tables.

Worksheet Click here – look at each wheel and write out the missing multiplication. Read from the centre of the wheel each time. Begin like this:

Wheel 1   4×8=32

Numeracy for Thursday 10th September
Red group

W.A.L.T – solve problems using g and kg.
Complete the 8 problems on page 15.  Click here.  Remember to show your working out and put a label on your answer.
Make sure you know these facts:


1⁄2 kg = 500g.

1⁄4 kg = 250g.

3⁄4 kg=750g




Blue group

W.A.L.T – Understand the link between adding and subtraction

Round numbers and add them to get an approximate answer. Look at these number families













Try to write your own number families using these sets of numbers:

6, 7, 13

2, 9, 11

17, 56, 73

28, 53, 81

121, 489, 610

234, 477, 711

Now complete Page 38, numbers 1 and 2. Click here.  Check your answers by adding ‘upwards’ in number 1 and by rounding in number 2. We did this in school last week. Rounding will give you an approximate answer which should be close to the actual answer.

Green Group

W.A.L.T – write the numbers before and after up to 999.

Complete the 2 worksheets. Click here: Page 1, Page 2.  In the first one you will need to write the number which comes before and in the second one, write the one number which comes after.