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Monday (N)

Numeracy Activities to be completed on Monday 14th September 2020
Red Group

W.A.L.T – use quick recall of multiplication and division facts Find the volume of a cuboid in cm3.

Volume is the amount of space that something takes up. Volume is measured in m3 or cm3. We find volume by multiplying the length by the breadth by the height. You should remember this equation : Volume = l x b x h

Use your prior knowledge to complete page 62.  Click here. Write out each question as V = l x b x h

Complete the “Ultimate Times Tables Missing Number Challenge”.  Click here.  I will include the answer sheet tomorrow so that you can mark this and get your score!

Blue Group

W.A.L.T – Recall multiplication facts quickly

This week we will be starting to revise our tables.

Complete Page 8:   A, B, C, D only.  Click here

You can also print off the colouring sheet which I have attached to practise more.  Click here

Green Group

W.A.L.T. – Remember the two times tables

Use the two times tables to work out division facts

Count out loud in 2s to 24. Begin 2, 4, 6 ….

Complete the two worksheets of multiplication and division facts. Write your answers on a page.  Click here