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Friday (N)

Numeracy for Friday 18th September
Red group


  • Revise units of time and relationships: – seconds / minutes / hours / days / week/ days in months / days in year / leap year
  • Solve problems involving duration of time.

Complete page 60, click here,  numbers 1-7 and page 62,  Click here,  numbers 3-6 . Remember to show your working out for the problems.

Blue group


  • Find Factors and multiples of numbers

Complete page 9 Section A only.  Click here
Remember – you find the product by multiplying 2 numbers together.

Green Group


  • Remember the four times tables
  • Use the four times tables to work out division facts

Count out loud in 4s to 48. Begin 4, 8, 12….

Look at the multiplication wheels from yesterday – how many multiplications can you answer? Tell your answers to a helper and practise any difficult facts.

Copy out and complete the multiplication and division facts on the second worksheet, click here.   Get a helper to ask you these facts out loud in a mixed up order.

Numeracy for Friday 11th September
Red group

W.A.L.T – Find the area of rectangles, triangles and composite shapes

Complete D, E and F of Page 57.  Click here

You should know these facts:

  • What is area? The amount of surface
  • What unit do we use? Cm2 and m2
  • Area of a rectangle = length x breadth
  • Area of a triangle = 1⁄2 of (height x base)
  • For the area of a composite shape you can divide the shape into smaller shapes and add or make it into a larger shape and subtract.
Blue group

W.A.L.T – fill in missing numbers in subtraction sums

Fill in the missing boxes in the subtraction sums.  Click here

Remember to

Start in the units column and work to the left

             6 _ 4

        –  2 3 _

             2 1 9

  1. What number taken from 4 leaves 9?
  2. 4 is smaller than 9 so it must be 14 ( it had to borrow a ten). 14 take away what number leaves 9? The answer must be 5.
  3. In the next column, we say 3 from what number leaves 1? 3 taken from 4 leaves 1. But we also must remember the ten we gave over to the units when we exchanged so we need to add that one on again.  So 4 add 1 is 5. The answer is 5.
Green Group

W.A.L.T – add on in ones, tens and hundreds up to 999.

Complete the worksheet.  Click here

Be careful when bridging the 100, e.g. Counting in tens – 288,298, 308,318, 328

Practise saying your 2 and 3 times tables aloud.