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Wednesday (L)

Activities for Wednesday 16th September 2020


  • Understand stories from the past
  • Examine settings

Today we will be using the text ‘Street Child’ again. Click : Page 1    Page 2  

We are going to study the first setting in this text – Doctor Barnardo’s Ragged School. Imagine you are Jim and you have just come into the school. Using the text and the pictures, make notes under the following headings:

  • What I can see
  • What I can hear
  • What I can smell
  • How I feel about the setting

Now use these notes to write a description of the setting. Write two detailed paragraphs about Doctor Barnardo’s Ragged School.

  • In paragraph one write about what you see, hear and smell.
  • In paragraph two write about how you feel about the school.

Use accurate sentences, interesting adjectives and try to imagine the school from Jim’s point of view.


Activities for Wednesday 9th September 2020

W.A.L.T. –

  • Understand stories from the past
  • Use powerful verbs

Read the text “Street Child”.  Click : Page 1    Page 2. Think about the two characters Jim and Barnie. Write down two facts about Jim and two facts about Barnie.  

Today we will think about verbs in the text. What is a verb? Write the definition of a verb.

Look at the five sentences about the text. Click here Some verbs are in bold. Rewrite the sentences changing the verb in bold to a more powerful and interesting verb. Use the ‘Alternative Verbs’ sheet to give you ideas.  Click here

Finally, choose 6 verbs from the alternative verbs sheet and write each of them in a sentence.