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Thursday (L)

Activities for Thursday 17th September 2020

W.A.L.T. –

  • Understand stories from the past
  • Examine the plot
  • Predict the next part of the story

Read the text “On the Roof”. Click here: Page 1 Page 2 This text gives us more information about Jim and Barnie and lets us know the next part of the plot (what happens in this historical story). We have talked about this in class and discussed whether you feel Barnie can be trusted or not. What do you think is his plan? Does he want to help these boys or harm them? Today I would like you to use your imagination and predict the next part of the story. Write down your ideas for what happens next. Here are some points to make notes on:

  • When Barnie sees the boys what does he do and say?
  • What does Jim do and say when he sees Barnie’s actions?
  • How will the boys on the roof feel when they find out what is going to happen?

There are no right or wrong answers in this – use the information you have already from the texts, your imagination and your opinion and predict what will happen next. You do not need to finish the story.

Activities for Thursday 10th September 2020

W.A.L.T.- Find information about a character from a text

Read the text ‘Street Child’ again. Using the information in the text make notes on a page under the following headings:  Click : Page 1.     Page 2.   

· What Barnie looks like – (his appearance)

· How Barnie behaves – (what he does)

· What Barnie thinks

· How Barnie feels