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Friday (L)

Activity for Friday 18th September 2020


  • Predict the next part of an historical story
  • Write accurately in paragraphs using sentences and dialogue

Today use your notes from yesterday to write the next part of the story. Remember do not write about what has already happened – all your writing should be from the notes you made yesterday.

W.I.L.F. (What I’m Looking For)

  • Three paragraphs – one paragraph for each of the headings
  • Continue the plot (let the reader know what happens next)
  • Accurate sentences
  • Dialogue (talking) between the characters. Remember rules for speech marks.
  • Description of how all the characters feel
Activity for Friday 11th September 2020

W.A.L.T. – Write a character sketch in the form of a letter

Revise how to set out a letter by studying the template.  Click here. Using your notes from yesterday and your own thoughts, write a letter to a friend describing Barnie. This letter should be a detailed description of Barnie, written in paragraphs with accurate sentences. Use powerful verbs and interesting adjectives.