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Key Stage One (P3-P4)

Handling Data

In Numeracy this week, P3, 4 and 5 were testing the hypothesis that, white is the most popular colour of car.  We planned how we were going to investigate, how to record the data, where we were going to do our investigation and for how long. 

Standing behind the fence at the bottom of our school hill, we spent 10 minutes recording the colour of cars as they passed.  It was tricky to record every car colour but we did our best. We used a tally chart or frequency table, tally marks and 5-bar gates to make it easy to record and count the number of each colour of car we saw.

We analysed the data and found that white was not the most popular colour of car.  In our survey, black was the most popular.  We evaluated our survey and discussed how we would change it for next time.  We thoroughly enjoyed this practical numeracy lesson. 

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Our visit to Titanic

P 4 and 5 visited Titanic, Belfast to take part in a workshop called, My Granda’s Piece Tin.  They enjoyed a tailored gallery experience that explored the lives of the youngest workers in Harland and Wolff. They enjoyed personal stories of the shipyards, compared their packed lunch with the contents of the apprentices’ ‘piece tins’, learned how to play draughts and took off on their own apprenticeship journey.

Dressed appropriately, they made their way through the shipyard, up the gantry and finally took a walk along the slipway that launched the ship into Belfast Lough!