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Foundation Stage/ Key Stage One (P1, P2 and P3)

 A goodbye message from Mrs Hanvey and Mrs Henry



Welcome to P1,2,3 with Mrs Hanvey, Mrs Henry (Monday) and Mrs Hazley.

P:E days are Tuesday and Thursday– please send in shorts in a drawstring bag to leave in school.

Dinner money should be sent in on MONDAY for the week ahead.



I hope everyone is enjoying their learning pack and you are all learning new things. Below are some examples of practical activities/ games that will reinforce the Literacy and Numeracy concepts in the pack in a fun and relaxed way. Have a go and feel free to alter each activity to suit your home and your child. Continue to check this page for new activities.

Reading Books

I hope everyone is keeping up with their reading. I strongly recommend setting aside time daily to read with your child. This may be a picture story book from their book shelf or an online book. Also, tune in to Libraries Online on Youtube for daily stories.

I have included a link to access Collins Big Cat readers in every level to suit P1-P3. We use many of these in school, but there is a wide selection we do not have in school. All books have resource sheets to use as Reading Activities to help with comprehension skills.

Follow this link: Collins Connect

Click on Teacher login.


Password: Parents20!


Collins Big Cat Book Bands: Where to begin.


Crocodiles: begin with band Pink a then progress to Pink b.

Pandas: begin with Pink b then progress through Red a and Red B.

***I have also included 3 short stories using some of the High Frequency Words from their word box. Can your child read these stories? You could also try making some short stories for your child using the words they are working on at the moment***

The Toy Shop

My Cat

The sad dog


Zebras: begin with Blue Band and progress through Green and Orange.

Penguins: begin with Green Band and move to Orange or Turquoise if ready.

Flamingoes: read White and Lime Band.


Keep a record of what books you have read. I would love to hear about them!!

Happy Reading!

An excellent website for ages 2-13. It is a reading programme that includes games, activities and reading books appropriate to your child’s individual level. Website/ App are offering a 30 day free trial until 31st May! The site also has a Covid-19 support section with free printable workbooks covering Phonics, Alphabet, Spelling and Comprehension. (Be mindful that YR1 is P2 and YR2 is P3 so you may need to mix the 2 workbooks to suit the level of your child.)

Eggshell Smash! Have you been spending lots of time at home baking? Here is a fun game to use up all those left over eggshells. The game can be adapted easily for any age and you can simply change your questions to suit.
Odd and Bob Game A quick and easy to make game using bits of cardboard. An excellent way of learning spellings, blending/ segmentingwords and letter/ number formation. A great website for P2/3 . The website has Daily lesons covering all topics and fun games aimed at P2/3. Some games can be played by P1 as detailled in the document.
Some information from Mrs Henry about Reading.
Let’s Play Shop! Shopping role play is an excellent way to reinforce money work, counting, addition and subtraction and mathematical language in a fun way. This activity can be done inside or outside and you can use any items for your shop. The information document will give some ideas for progression for each class. You may need to download Microsoft Word on your device to read properly. Have fun! This is an excellent website for Literacy and Numeracy. Please click on the document for your child’s class. You will need to open the document using Microsoft Word.
High Frequency Words P1- in your learning packs I included a list of all remaining High Frequency Words until June. P2/3- included in your packs are the remaining lists of High Frequency Words for the year. This document has some great practical ideas for learning these words. You do not need to always write these words down to learn them! Make it as practical and fun as possible. You will need to open the document using Microsoft Word.
World Book Day 2020 Mrs Hanvey was off today and she sent a special person to take over… The Cat in the Hat!!! What fun we had today reading lots of books and designing a library of our favourite books all dressed as a character from a book. Don’t all the children look fantastic!
Run! Run! as fast as you can… We are reading The Gingerbread Man and began our unit with some Science and Technology. P1 made moveable Gingerbread Men using card and pins. P2/3 were given the task of helping the Gingerbread man across the river without getting him wet. They worked in groups to firstly plan a model, construct the model and lastly test the model. The other groups assessed each model in terms of design and whether it was fit for purpose. There were some excellent ideas and the  groups created a helicopter, a raft, a bridge, a paper aeroplane and 2 boats. Thankfully the Gingerbread Man crossed the river safely each time. Great group work boys and girls.
The Great Pet Sale P1 and P2 have been working with money. P1 were paying for items from the pet shop up to the value of 10p using 1p coins. They took turns taking on the role of the customer and shopkeeper. P2 are working with coins up to 20p and using a variety of coins to pay for items to 25p. They had to choose coins to pay for each pet, then find an alternative way to pay using the fewest coins possible. P2 added the prices of all the pets in the story and realised the total was £1.
Castles. P3 are learning about Castles. They were given the task of constructing a 3D castle with junk material and sellotape. Each child designed their own castle and only had help from a partner to hold the tape. What brilliant models. Well done boys and girls!!
Snowy Fun! We took advantage of the first snowfall of the year by playing outside all morning. Look how much fun we had!
P3 Practical Numeracy. P3 have been exploring symmetry using mirrors and making symmetrical patterns using peg boards. They have also been finding the Areaof surfaces using counters, shapes and squares. Lastly they were Italian Chefs and made pizzas showing halves and quarters!
Shared Education  We are participating in Peace IV Shared Education with St Colemans Bann PS and Gilford PS. We had our first ice breaker session to get to know each other and played some fun Numicon games and experimented with Play Dough. We cannot wait for our next meeting.
Patterns  P1 and P2 are exploring patterns using 2,3 or even 4 colours!
Fractions.  P3 are learning about halves and quarters of shapes. We made fraction pizzas!
We had 6 special fluffy visitors this morning: 1 week old chicks! We loved learning about the chicks and how they grow.  
We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner! It was yummy!  
We have been investigating how animals and people keep warm in cold lands. We made Hot Chocolate and had penguin biscuits as a treat to keep us warm!  
We are learning about Penguins as part of our Cold Lands Topic. We learned an Emperor Penguin can grow to the height of 49inches. We measured ourselves against this height to see if we were taller, shorter or the same height as an Emperor Penguin.  
We had a visit from the Library van. We all went out to explore the van, chose a book and scanned it into the system. We change our library books every Friday.  
We are loving exploring our new Numicon resources. They are helping us with numbers and patterns.  
Fun Phonics. Today we focused on our phonic work. P1 practised how to form and sort for the sounds S A T P and got messy with shaving foam! P2 were using their magnetic letters to build cvc words and P3 were exploring variations of the same sound using word cards.  
We made biscuits as part of our topic work. P1 and P2 made bear paw biscuits with chocolate buttons and P3 made lion faces with popcorn. They were yummy!  
P3 Animal Topic P3 are becoming animal experts. They have each chosen an animal and are creating a poster for their animal. Their finished piece will include a factfile, painting, oil pastel work, and a voice recording. They are also enjoying play tasks based on their animal topic. Keep checking this page for their finished piece.  
Bears topic. P1 and 2 have been studying bears. They learned the story of how the teddy got it’s name and then talked about and painted their own teddy. Their teddies also helped them with their Numeracy work. In Literacy they have been exploring Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we used Mummy Bear’s recipe for Porridge to make our own. Well done to those who tasted porridge for the first time! Keep checking this page for more updates on our Bears Topic.  
Rhyme Time! Last week was Nursery Rhyme week. P1 were learning lots of new rhymes and exploring words that sound the same. They put Humpty Dumpty back together with plasters. They finished their week with an 8 Rhyme Challenge. Well done P1! P2 investigated rhyming words by looking at the rime patterns at the end of each word. They found that words that rhyme end in the same letters. P3 extended their rhyme work by exploring more complex 3 letter rime patters within words. They also created alternative rhyming endings to Humpty Dumpty.  
Numeracy P1 have been making sets, sorting using Venn and Carroll diagrams and matching items. P2 are focusing on Number Bonds to 10 and counting in 1,s and 2,s. P3 are exploring higher numbers to 100.  
Learning Through Play term 1 We are having lots of fun settling in to the school routine and making friends.