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Foundation Stage (P1-P2)


Welcome to P1,2,3 with Mrs Hanvey, Mrs Henry (Monday) and Mrs Hazley.

P:E days are Tuesday and Thursday– please send in shorts in a drawstring bag to leave in school.

Dinner money should be sent in on MONDAY for the week ahead.

P3 Animal Topic

P3 are becoming animal experts. They have each chosen an animal and are creating a poster for their animal. Their finished piece will include a factfile, painting, oil pastel work, and a voice recording. They are also enjoying play tasks based on their animal topic. Keep checking this page for their finished piece.



Bears topic.

P1 and 2 have been studying bears. They learned the story of how the teddy got it’s name and then talked about and painted their own teddy. Their teddies also helped them with their Numeracy work. In Literacy they have been exploring Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we used Mummy Bear’s recipe for Porridge to make our own. Well done to those who tasted porridge for the first time! Keep checking this page for more updates on our Bears Topic.


Rhyme Time!

Last week was Nursery Rhyme week. P1 were learning lots of new rhymes and exploring words that sound the same. They put Humpty Dumpty back together with plasters. They finished their week with an 8 Rhyme Challenge. Well done P1!

P2 investigated rhyming words by looking at the rime patterns at the end of each word. They found that words that rhyme end in the same letters.

P3 extended their rhyme work by exploring more complex 3 letter rime patters within words. They also created alternative rhyming endings to Humpty Dumpty.



P1 have been making sets, sorting using Venn and Carroll diagrams and matching items. P2 are focusing on Number Bonds to 10 and counting in 1,s and 2,s. P3 are exploring higher numbers to 100.


Learning Through Play term 1

We are having lots of fun settling in to the school routine and making friends.